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Combine InforUMobile's messaging channels to create engaging customer journeys

Plan out your marketing and sales funnel, foster each and every unique customer

Ensure no opportunity falls between the cracks

Set it and forget it - automate your actions to scale and maximize your efficiency

Orchestrate your campaigns across numerous communication channels

Automation Features

Predefined templates

Personalization and precise targeting

Multiple triggers, including external events by API

Drag & Drop interface

Extensive action options including goal setting, contacts update, A/B test and split flow, managerial updates by push and more

eCommerce-related actions

Full funnel tracking and data metrics

An Automation process allows determining a set of actions that will automatically occur as a result of a certain scenario

With automations you can foresee any number of business scenarios and engineer the route by which you wish your prospects to go through while engaging with you and consuming your service or products.

Common usages

Upon affiliation to a Contact Group

Following the submitting of a form on a Landing Page, Survey or Registration

Following a cart abandonment, a website visit or a purchase

Upcoming birthday or other date-related event

External actions transmitted by API

With Automations you can provide a personalized experience to your customers and pospects

When actions are a result of triggers and they bear characteristics tailored to the specific situation and recipient, the user experience is seamless and natural. A good automation takes into account the evolving needs and actions of the recipient, across the various channels we interact with them and the touch points we set-out for them .



We invite you to use the InforUMobile Automation tools to reach every customer individually and make the best of each opportunity to scale and leverage your business. Generate steady flows of leads, give your customers context and enjoy the long-term business results of your automated processes.

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