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Generate revenue and automate your funnel with a Chatbot

Chat with your website or facebook messenger visitors in real time.

Answer frequently asked questions automatically, provide content and generate leads.

Increase your customer satisfaction with no human overheads whatsoever!

Let your customers enjoy a seamless experience with your Chatbot

Expose them to your Chatbot on your website, on your facebook messenger page
or simply by texting them your bot via SMS


Chatbots are most commonly used to:

Attain leads

Create sales

Provide customer service

Schedule meetings

Provide shipment information


Use InforUMobile to create your very own Chatbot

Chatbot templates

Drag & Drop interface

Multi-trigger mechanism

Smart conversation routing

A/B Test and diverse conversation elements

Webservice enabled

Chat simulator

Live alert on leads and leads management

Facebook messenger broadcasts

Any organization can benefit from a Chatbot

The advantages of using a Chatbot cannot be overstated
Chatbots have become the new way of doing marketing, sales and service

With a Chatbot you can achieve

Significant manpower savings

Organizational efficiency

Constant availability day or night, work week, weekends and holidays

Providing precise responses in a uniform standard

Enabling an interactive user experience

Managing an unlimited number of interactions at a time

Initiate interactions with the people who contacted you on your facebook messenger in the past by sending them broadcasts

Customer expeience is a must

Long gone are the days when a good customer experience was nice to have.
With an effective Chatbot you're off to a great start!



We invite you to use InforUMobile's Chatbot interface to build your customized Bot and communicate with your prospects while enjoying all the advantages a Bot offers. Upgrade your service and response time, meet your customers at the exact moment they need you, spare them the waiting time and be as efficient and professional as you can possibly be thanks to your Chatbot.

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