Push Notifications

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Nurture your App users with
Push Notifications

Keep your App user always informed, send real-time updates and alerts

Broadcast text and images

Drive users to your App and generate sales

A Push Notification allows delivering information from your App to the mobile devices of those who have downloaded it

Your App doesn’t need to be launched on the device to get a Notification,
which makes Push Notifications even more effective

Push Notification are often used inform customers of

Specials and discounts

Available new content

Updates and alerts

Information that improves retention

Notifications are the primary traffic source for most mobile Apps

Use InforUMobile to send your notifications and keep traffic running

Platform Features

Friendly distribution interface

Recipient segmentation and


Scheduled sending

Status reports for easy tracking

No need for coding, iOS or Android maintenance

With the InforUMobile messaging interface sending Push Notifications has never been easier for non-devs

Good to know

Push Notifications were found to augment customer engagement by 88%

50% of users allow App Push Notifications and find them useful

65% of users will come back to an App that sends them Push Notifications


We invite you to send Push Notifications with InforUMobile
and easily engage with your App users time and time again.

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